GBI is a unique community of business practitioners that is committed to sharing practice, solving problems, critical thinking, and sense-making around emerging trends and issues.

GBI informs practice, inspires commitment and builds capability to advance human rights in a business context consistent with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and other international standards. At the core of how we achieve this is a community of business practitioners comprised of individuals from diverse business functions responsible for leading member companies' human rights journeys.

As a community, we convene multiple times per year, in-person and remotely. We regularly engage with others across business, government and civil society where members and the GBI team can add unique value to work that will address governance gaps and build meaningful market incentives.

As a community, we advance respect for human rights in member company operations and value chains. We work together to:

  • Exchange insights, lessons and tactics about how to be successful human rights intrapreneurs.
  • Advise each other on how to embed ownership and leadership in complex organisations and value chains.
  • Openly share the detail of company road maps, systems, frameworks and tools.
  • Scrutinise and benchmark human rights due diligence and remediation policy and practice.
  • Co-develop actions in response to specific and real dilemmas and risks.
  • Explore innovations with a particular focus on how to use collective action to address systemic risks to people in the business environment.
  • Debate and decipher the practical meaning and impact of existing and emerging expectations.

As a community, we broaden and deepen understanding about respect in practice, and share practice-based insights to advance the movement. We work together to:

  • Pro-actively share practice and learning with business partners and competitors in diverse geographies who are seeking to implement corporate respect for human rights.
  • Collaborate with like-minded industry associations and business organisations to constructively inform policy developments.
  • Contribute business practitioner voices, insights and perspectives to key civil society, government and multi-lateral projects and initiatives.
  • Seek to be a go-to-resource on implementing respect for human rights for change-agents across business, civil society and government committed to implement the UN Guiding Principles.

Our Team

GBI members are supported by a dedicated team and network of advisors. The GBI team brings the following competencies and value to its work:

  • Immersion – today and historically – in business and human rights developments and practice.
  • Positive and open relationships with key institutions and experts from diverse stakeholder groups and in a range of key markets where members operate.
  • Understanding of the link between implementing corporate respect for human rights and organisational, culture and systems change over time.
  • Expertise in the art of cultivating communities of practice, and designing and facilitating learning and meaningful dialogue.
  • Commitment to high quality, professionalism and focus on what can make a positive difference for rights-holders.