The GBI membership is a committed group of respected multinational corporations operating in diverse industries and geographies. We believe that the potential of GBI members embedding respect for human rights in business activities everywhere is wide-reaching and profound. 

Individually and collectively, GBI members can positively impact the day-to-day realities of hundreds of millions of people, and contribute to sustainable development in thousands of communities and to economies around the world. As major multinationals, GBI members are well-placed to drive positive standards, policy and practice within their industries.

Commitment and Benefits

All GBI member companies commit to the process of progressively meeting their corporate responsibility to respect human rights as set out in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. Each member also commits to contributing to the spirit and intent of GBI. 

Membership Benefits

Guidance from leaders: Insight and practical advice from a unique group of industry leaders about strategy, road maps and tactics to systematically address human rights risks.

Concrete ways forward around company-specific issues: In-depth exploration and development of responses around real-life, immediate integration challenges and serious human rights risks.

Comparison as a basis for inspiration for improvement: Ability to test existing and emerging policy, practice and approaches with reference to what has worked in other global companies.

Being at the forefront of key policy and practice developments: Due to GBI’s relationships with thought-leaders and standard setters, members can better respond to emerging expectations.

Profiling and positioning: New opportunities to profile company practice and efforts leading to better company positioning and helpful inputs from diverse stakeholders.

Strategic support and issue-specific advice: Ongoing access to conversation partners, guidance and advisory support from the expert GBI team and advisors.

Membership Commitments

Commit to the vison and spirit of GBI: Investing in and contributing to the success of the whole GBI community of practice, including achieving jointly identified outcomes, and reinforcing the culture and values of the community.

In-depth investment in regular member meetings: Detailed and pro-active preparation and participation in bi-annual peer learning meetings, including being open about strategy, progress, shortfalls and challenges.

Applying learning and insights: Pro-actively applying insights and outcomes from GBI engagements within the company and beyond.

Active engagement in diverse work efforts: Proposing and contributing to GBI work beyond bi-annual meetings to progress respect for human rights in member companies and to contribute to the wider movement.

Co-creating GBI strategy and focus: Informing, along with other members, the strategic priorities, learning focus and work plan of the GBI community.

Our Testimonials

Explore membership:

Please contact us to explore the possibilities of your company becoming a member of GBI, including via engagement as a guest to a GBI peer learning engagement. The GBI team and existing members will be happy to explore if you can benefit from participation in our practitioner community.


Profile your practice and work:

We often collaborate with others to profile business implementation of respect for human rights in events, reports or major international fora. If you is seeking opportunities to share your challenges and experiences, please let us know.


Exchange ideas on key developments:

Whether you are from a company, industry associations, business network, civil society organization or government, GBI members always welcome connecting with others on current policy and practice developments.


Engage on a single issue or challenge:

Business practitioners regularly approach us for input on specific internal implementation challenges and external dilemmas. We respond by offering brief advice and through connecting you to relevant peers in the GBI community.