Ron Popper

Co-Chair & Advisor

Andrea Shemberg

Co-Chair & Advisor

Malin Oud

Advisor, China

Liang Xiaohui

Advisor, China

Simone Rocha Pinto

Advisor, Latin America

Alan Fine

Advisor, South and Southern Africa

Our team and advisors

GBI members are supported by a dedicated team and network of advisors who bring a wealth of competencies and value to its work, including:

  • Immersion – today and historically – in business and human rights developments and practice
  • Positive and open relationships with key institutions and experts from diverse stakeholder groups and in a range of key markets where members operate
  • Understanding of the link between implementing corporate respect for human rights and organisational, culture and systems change over time
  • Expertise in the art of cultivating communities of practice, and designing and facilitating learning and meaningful dialogue
  • Commitment to high quality, professionalism and focus on what can make a positive difference for rights-holders